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RN 182 - Research work continues with regard to NGG 16, No. 88.

The above locomotive manufactured by Cockerill, works number 3268 of 1936, which is now receiving attention in our workshops as part of a complete rebuild programme, is like so many derelict locos devoid of identification plates. David Payling, a great friend of the Sandstone Heritage Trust, has come to the party by doing his own research, and through the assistance of Terry Hutson, we have been able to identify what the maker's plates look like on these locos. This information was previously not available on the Internet and hopefully by putting it on our web site others might benefit from this updated information as to what the maker's plates look like.
Sandstone will soon have working locomotives from all the manufacturers of NGG16 locomotives with No. 88 being added to 113 from Beyer Peacock and 153 from Hunslet Taylor.


Photo by Hannes Paling

Photo by Martin Coombs
Photo by Leith Paxton