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17th January 2006

RN 164 - Track revisions at Sandstone

12th May 2006

Significant improvements to the 2-ft Narrow Gauge railway line at Sandstone Estates have been undertaken in recent weeks. As part of an ongoing process to continually improve and upgrade the line, the Vailima loop and Pandora sections have seen extensive earthworks to create shallow cuttings and ease some of the spectacular (but difficult operationally) climbs over the summit to Vailima and down from the Vailima Mountain to Pandora.

Gradients have been eased from 1 in 20 on the new Vailima section descending from the mountain to 1 in 30 while at Pandora a similar reduction in the gradient was carried out reducing the maximum gradient from 1 in 22 to around 1 in 30.

By easing the maximum gradients as well as some of the curvature of the line the section from Mooihoek through Pandora to Vailima will put much less strain on locomotives and rolling stock while retaining the outstanding photographic nature of this section.

Laying of track in progress at the new Pandora cutting
The completed line after the new cutting had been completed