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RN 265 - Keith Stevens - September report on work in progress.

10th October 2006

O & K Locomotive - we have removed the cab and the tanks off the main chassis for painting. We have been manufacturing the firebox which consists of manufacturing formers so as to flange over the tube plate, sides and the backhead sides of the firebox. We have now bolted together the backhead, tube plate and the outer wrapper in the foundation ring ready for drilling, reaming and riveting, thereafter we shall be fitting the firebox back into the loco boiler and thereafter staying and kaulking up. On close inspection of the front tube plate and after a die penetration test we have discovered that one of the ligaments in the tube plate has cracked through, this will mean replacement tube plate.

We received the Kerr Stewart boiler via Leon yesterday for quotation in putting this back into working order.
Having seen this boiler before, apart from replacing the tube plate and smoke box I think it will need a new firebox as the top of the firebox inside the boiler is badly corroded. Regarding the McLaren I have since had a second opinion from Natal Inspection Services on the extra plates required and they absolutely agree and therefore this would be an obligatory replacement.

Flange partly beaten down
Finishing touches
Almost there
The start
The finished product - tube plate end
Tubeplate and backhead after drilling
Drilling and assembling the firebox
Drilling and assembling the firebox